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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Pratigya fights for the rights of her elder sister-in-law Kesar

Now Pratigya is married into the household of Krishna, with Sajjan Singh being the head of the family. This is a family that is very less cultured, very much unlike her own family, and further, she continues to have issues with Krishna since she had to marry him pretty much under force. However, Krishna is trying to have a lot of patience, since he is not used to the idea of somebody refusing him like this, and is also standing up for her in the family (to the extent that his mother taunts him that he is always standing up for Pratigya, and does not have the same independent attitude that he used to have earlier).
After the honeymoon (where Pratigya refused to let Krishna touch her, something that he does not like and does get frustrated over), Pratigya is back in the house, and starts observing some stuff happening in the house that she does not like. This is primarily related to the relationship between Krishna's elder brother Shakti Singh and his wife Kesar. Kesar is dark complexioned, and Shakti Singh torments her for the same, to the extent that he refuses to let her give birth to a child since he worries about the dark complexion getting passed on. For this purpose, he has forced Kesar to get aborted three times already, something that is hidden from the family members; they in turn torment Kesar as being incapable of giving birth since they do not know the truth.
Now Pratigya is going to stand up for Kesar and ensure that the household knows about the truth, that Kesar is again pregnant and Shakti Singh is forcing her to get an abortion. This is also critical since the family wants to get a heir, and does not believe that Kesar will be able to provide such a heir; the important thing is that Pratigya would be able to provide the moral support that Kesar needs to stand up to her husband.

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