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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bebo on Star Plus - Bebo (raano) getting caught up in the murder of Babloo

This serial is getting pretty confusing, with the fight between the doubles getting very confusing to describe (so let us call the original as Bebo and her double as Raano, although now Raano is acting as Bebo, and Bebo is being forced to act as Raano). Raano actually killed Babloo, the brother of Gursheel, even though both Gursheel and Raano are both on the same side. And the evidence is slowly piling up against Raano, to the extent that the police have come once to arrest Raano but Amrit stops them by asking for the proof; he manages to evade the arrest for some time. Now Raano is in a loop since she keeps on seeing Babloo (dead, in terms of either the body or some other signs of the murder - obviously somebody trying to scare her), and yet when anybody else comes there, the signs are gone (could Bebo be doing this ? A bit hard to believe that Bebo could be doing this).
Goldie is about to get married to King (an actor playing the role of King), although it is all make believe; then a mother to King is introduced so as to stop the marriage, and it works; she claims that she will not allow the marriage since Goldie does not have divorce and also has a child; if she wants to get married, then she needs to get the divorce papers and lose her child (a tactic to get rid of her and get the child back).
Bebo arrives at the house and claims that she has the memory of Raano back, and will leave the house and go back; she is sorry for whatever she has done till now. Raano is shocked at this and confronts her in a market about what new tactic is this. Bebo wants to now do a plan where Raano will be so problem afflicted at being Bebo that she will herself claim that she is indeed Raano, and will thus make the truth known in front of everyone.

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