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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yehan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli - A break up between the father and daughter after Abha decides to marry Karan

A major split happened in the serial, between father and daughter. Eventually, at the last minute, Abha refuses to marry Sanskar when she realizes that Karan is injured, and instead goes to be with Karan. When it is clear that a marriage between Abha and Kiran will happen, Thakur is real angry; after all, he has never forgiven the usurpation of his property by Jagmohan and the humiliation that this has caused him (and also, even though he has lost everything and become dependent on others, his ego is still as strong as ever).
When the marriage happens, Thakur openly declares that he no longer has a daughter and he will not bless the marriage; at the same time, on the other end, Jagmohan has never forgiven the ill-treatment of his father at the hands of Thakur, and refuses to accept either the marriage or Abha as his daughter-in-law. Both Karan and Abha are now forced to live in a very small, junk filled room of the Swarn palace.
But both Abha and Karan are very happy, although Abha is very concerned about the separation from both sets of parents, and hence decides (very wrongly I believe) to tell Karan that she wants both of them not to have the physical relations that exist between husband and wife until they have managed to bring both sets of parents around. Imagine, if the relatives remain upset for an year, she will deny the intimacy that is so necessary to strengthen the marriage for a year (what wrong concepts these serials propose).
And then the next day when the ritual of the pagphera needs to happen where the girl comes back to her parental house for a few hours, Thakur refuses to accept this ritual and denies permission even though the other relatives want to do this ritual. In the end, the ritual will go ahead even though Thakur will not be in the house.

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