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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik trying to get Mohit and Nandini together after undertaking to get Nandini married

Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain is going through some amount of tension. In both households, there is a fair amount of tension that is happening nowadays. In the serial, in Varsha and Shaurya's house, Shaurya is facing some amount of credibility issues with his father, and this is giving him a lot of tension, causing some amount of strain between him and Varsha, and Shaurya even applying for a job outside.
In Naitik's house, the amount of tension is even more, with the relation between the 2 set of brothers (Naitik's father and Dadaji, or rather between their wives) increasing a bit. The tension is over the marriage of Nandini and also the marriage of Rashmi). Nandini's marriage is delayed because of all the issues about her relationship (or rather, longing for Mohit), and also because she is physically handicapped, the amount of relations for her is limited. And yet, since she is older than Rashmi, it is difficult for Rashmi to get married before Nandini's marriage can be finalized, and this is causing tension between the 2 set of mothers, which even led to Choti Dulhan saying a few words that Daddai could find somewhat offensive.
And in the midst of all this, Naitik gets up and wants to take responsibility for getting a good match for Nandini, something that Daddaji is not so comfortable about, but he agrees. However, the first set of matches that Naitik gets are not good, and Daddaji is getting angry. However, Naitik is also realizing that Nandini is going to be totally happy only with Mohit, and he needs to change the opinion of the family about Mohit (including that Mohit is not of the same economic and social standing, and also that Mohit is also younger to Nandini). Will Naitik be able to change the opinion of his family regarding Mohit ?

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