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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti - How can everything suddenly turn good all of a sudden

Jyoti suddenly saw a major transformation. Till now, the people in the house were looking at her with some amount of criticism again (except for her father who always supports her); however, her condition in terms of pregnancy suddenly turned bad and she had to be rushed to the hospital. At that point, except probably for Poonam, her other family members realized that maybe they were being too hard on Jyoti and she was in hospital partly because of them and start feeling all protective and affectionate towards her. Deepu was feeling negative towards her, and then starts feeling protective towards her, and even scolds some nurses who were seeing Jyoti pregnant, and no signs of marriage and no signs of any husband or person from the husband's family.
And in something that makes you wonder about the logic being used in such serials, Sushma meets Brij (the new, TB afflicted, on his last stages, reformed person) and believes that he is indeed reformed, and even agrees to restart a family with him. When Jyoti is back from the hospital, Sushma also gets Brij there (coughing away to glory, does no one worry about the chances of the TB having a negative effect on the 2 pregnant ladies - Jyoti and Sushma ?). Anyhow, Jyoti is back to her self, with the prospect of Brij and Sushma getting together, Jyoti is even ready to convince the couple who were going to adopt the child (and how will Brij and Sushma survive?).
There is general agreement that Brij and Sushma should be married, and plans are afoot to start the planning for this marriage with a caveat that Jyoti will need to take care of herself and not exert herself too much.
On the other side, Pankaj really does not seem to get along too well with Neelam, and refuses to go with her to her parties where he feels out of place and is not able to mix in those type of parties. Neelam accuses him of not letting Jyoti go from his mind.

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