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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Ammaji trying to turn Samar away from Amba, while Amba trying to change things in the haveli

Ever since Amba kidnapped Raghav and keeps him away, she is staying in Ammaji's haveli and trying to change things in the haveli. And Amba seems to have an old problem with Ammaji, and trying to level the scores a bit. Also, seeing how she is, the women in the household who have had a problem with Ammaji such as Sia and Santosh are starting to support her, to the extent that Santosh replies back to Jogi and claims that he will be set right by Amba (and then Jogi dreams about when Raghav is found, and then he will take his revenge against both Amba, and then Santosh).
Other ladies in the house such as Rangeeli who used to misbehave with the others worry about the reaction from Amba to their normal behavior; such as when Amba sentences Rangeeli to starve for a day for misbehaving with Santosh; and then when Rangeeli tries to mix something in the juice that Amba was supposed to drink, she gets caught and has to do 200 situps.
One of Amba's men, Samar, is susceptible to the influence by Ammaji, more so when Ammaji plies with sweets and special drinks, and also plays up to him by claiming that such a powerful man should not be under the influence of a woman leader and should have his own gang. Samar comes under this influence, and seems to start supporting Ammaji, promising her that he would help her by taking Ammaji and her men to save Raghav. However, Amba is suspicious that Samar is falling under the influence of Ammaji and may be close to becoming a traitor.
Now, the basic issue is whether Amba will be able to stay ahead of Ammaji, ensure that Raghav does not run away from his captivity, and that she is able to change the way things are running in the haveli.

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