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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bandini - In 2 episodes, Santu gets a major boost, and then a major shock

The last 2 episodes on Bandini have turned the serial significantly. In an episode, when Santu was caught along with Rudra in a locked room, in front of the whole family, and Rudra had, in order to save how own skin, claimed that Santu and he were in love. Santu did not offer any kind of defence, probably shocked that her family were so willing to accept that she could do this kind of moral outrages; she in fact did a ritual bath that showed that she was dissolving her relationships. And in addition, her husband, the Dharamraj showed all signs that he could not stand her anymore, telling her sister in fact that in spite of the outrage committed by Santu, the marriage of Monghi and Sarang should go ahead. However, it was all a plan by DM to show the truth of Santu by getting Rudra to disclose the truth, which in turn showcases to everyone that Santu was truthful and always correct. DM goes so far as to kick Rudra out of the house by hitting and slapping him, and then publicly proclaiming that he could never believe that Santu could every commit something like this.
And then the marriage starts. So far all the efforts put in by Birwa to stop the marriage have not been able to come true, and she was getting more desperate. And then suddenly, during the actual marriage, Monghi realizes that the person sitting in front of her is not Sarang, somebody else, and so it turns out. And so starts a desperate search for Sarang, with everyone trying to find him. However he is not to be found, and then comes the surprise with flowers and wishes starting to arrive, and then Birwa proclaims that she and Sarang are now married.

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