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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha in trouble after Ashwin tells lies as his version of the truth

Ajit and his mother Rasika Tai finally get their revenge to some degree. The truth that Varsha and her family were trying to hide for quite some time finally came out. It was pretty clear that they should have told the truth before it came out, and when finally it came out, there was a disastrous consequence for Varsha. Ashwin confessed to knowing Varsha before marriage, but totally blamed her for the sequence of events, and that she was trying to entrap him and he had to turn her away. He told this story to Satish's mother and to his wife Urmilla, and both of them obviously believed him.
When Satish's mother caught Varsha with this story and confronted her, Varsha was shocked. She told her version of the story to Satish's mother, but she was not believed; to the extent that Satish's mother blamed Varsha for everything and started hating her. The good news for Varsha was that Satish totally stood by her, and refused to believe that Varsha could have done anything wrong. He did this even though his mother was totally against Varsha, and this attitude gave a lot of faith to Varsha. After all, it would have been very difficult for Varsha if Satish refused to believe her.
On another front, there is trouble happening, with the end of the relationship between Archana and Maanav coming though very fast, and the last few such days being there. Maanav's mother has slowly warmed upto Archana and likes her a lot, but she has no option but to let the divorce proceed, since she wants the son of Sachin, and has also promised this as well.

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