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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The return of Sandeep to the show and Santu planning to leave the show

Finally the truth is out. Dharamraj had calculated that the last person to stop Santu from going would be the person who would be behind the death of Arjan, and so it proved. Finally Birwa came to him and told him that she had to tell him a big truth, and then the truth was out. DM told Birwa that she must have killed Arjan, and she agreed. She did this since at that time, DM's life was in danger with Arjan attacking DM and Birwa having to stab Arjan in the back to save the life of her father. Santu took the blame and forbade Birwa from telling anybody anything; she wanted to prevent the scene of Birwa going to jail at such a young age; the only thing she wanted Birwa to do was to be good, be very capable and ensure that she is a success.
And with this emotional scene, Birwa left from there; she told DM that Santu cannot be sent from the house, she was the glue of the house, the whole basis on which the house was running. DM is shocked to hear this, he never really believed that Santu was the one who stabbed Arjan, but now is sure about all the sacrifices that Santu made for the family.
In an earlier incident, Nandini was diagnosed with a illness for which she needed a blood transfusion, and it turned out that Sandeep was the one who could do the required donation. Santu managed to convince him to do the donation, and for that, she would get him out of jail for one day. Sandeep accepted, but had no intention of doing this, instead he ran from there and wanted to get out. However, he was finally caught soon after he held Nanaji and Monghi hostage at their house and Santu managed to detect that Sandeep was there. However, in return for finally donating the blood, he bargained to get his freedom and a return back to the house; now there are 2 bad son-in-laws in the house, Sandeep and Sarang; eventually they will also need to be cured or thrown out.

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