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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu welcomes as the true Bandini by DM, and Birwa shocks Sarang in the question of money

DM got a huge shock when he got to know the real truth behind who actually killed Arjan; Birwa confesses the truth to him tearfully, and requests him not to let Santu go out of the house. DM, even though earlier he knew that Santu had done a lot for the house, was still very surprised by what happened in this case and the sacrifices that Santu has made (and spending 10 years in jail to protect DM's daughter was something that was a very high level of sacrifice).
He prevents Santu from going, calls the sacrifice she has made as very high, that even though none of the children of the house are her own, she still is now the mother of all these children and will remain so with her never leaving the house - in fact, she is the proper Bandini for DM and a true wife to him.
On the other hand, Sarang is flying in the air ever since he got married to Birwa, since part of the marriage conditions (which Birwa had to agree to to prevent him from marrying Monghi) was that Birwa would surrender all her properties to him; something that she eventually did after a few days of the marriage. In between, Sarang tries to flirt with a lady doctor but had to face ridicule after it turned out that the doctor was the fiancee of his future business partner.
And then the ultimate shock for Sarang; he had to go to a lawyer for knowing the huge amount of assets that Birwa would have turned over to him, and he was expecting something in the range of 10-30 crores, and then was hugely shocked to learn that this was only Rs. 15,000. Birwa, cleverly, had turned over all her assets to somebody else before she got married to Sarang, leaving only a small amount, since she knew that eventually they would need to get married and she wanted to ensure that Sarang would never get hold of her money (and that he was so stupid that he would never know what Birwa was doing)

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