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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Sapna Babul Ka .. Bidai - Finally the reconciliation between Sadhana and Vasu, after Sadhana saves Vasu

Typically reconciliations between people who are separated from each other comes only through some major events. In the case of the serial Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, there is a huge gap between Vasu and Sadhana. Vasu always wanted the best for her sons, and for her, whatever she wanted was what needed to happen, and anybody who came in her way was somebody to be opposed. So, when Sadhana helped in getting Alekh better, this was appreciated, but now that Alekh was much improved, Sadhana was not a good enough wife for him, and with Malika being on the scene, it was easier to try to get Sadhana out of the way to make way for Mallika in Alekh's life.
Vasu had almost managed to make this happen, but at that time, everybody came to realize the value of Sadhana, and hence her entire family along with Ranveer made efforts to ensure that Alekh does not get engaged to Mallika, and they succeed. But as a result, both Alekh and Ranveer decide to leave the house, something that horrifies Vasu since she could not have expected such a thing to happen. However, all her efforts to get them back and away from Sadhana do not succeed.
Next, Sadhana, in her goodness, continues to try to get both Alekh and Ranveer close to Vasu again (overcoming any anger at Vasu); and then this freak event happens. In the room where Alekh-Sadhana and Ranveer-Ragini live, there is a short circuit and a fire starts. In the fire, eventually, Sadhana manages to save Vasu who had come in, but suffers as a result. She is injured in the fire, and is taken to hospital where the doctors are worried about the smoke in her lungs because of which they cannot do an operation; and in addition, Naveen and Anvi are upto something that will separate Vasu from her sons; but Ragini has overhead them speaking.

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