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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti - Brij sick, wants forgiveness and chance to get together with his baby; Deeptu to continue with his job

Jyoti is a strong personality, but there are always issues where she is getting in conflict with her family members, except for her father KK, who believes that Jyoti will always do right. However, the other family members are again somewhat hesitant with what Jyoti is doing. For example, her friend Kabir had earned some support by saving Sushma from a truck, but then came in for problems when he brought Brij to the house (since Brij was his friend), and Brij is somebody that nobody in the house will support because of the way that he treated Sushma.
Jyoti wants to understand more about this Brij connection, but really does not want to meet him. She does not know about the background as to Brij seemingly getting reformed (something that happened because Brij has been diagnosed with TB, to a level that is incurable, and hence does not have too much time left (have they ever worried about whether he is infectious, and meeting 2 pregnant ladies - Jyoti and Sushma, both of whom should worry about infection)). Jyoti meets him because of Kabir, but is not really confident that he has changed; and when she informs him that Sushma has agreed to give the kid to a rich family because she is not sure whether she will be able to give a good future to her child; Brij does not like (although he is no position about to like or dislike since he had harassed Sushma and abandoned her).
In the house meantime, Padma was not happy with the prospect of Deepu working with his father-in-law but was eventually persuaded by Poonam, with Poonam using the concept of Deepu working and earning so that all of them would be less dependent on Jyoti for all their needs (and this is something that seems to work for all them, since they really do not like to be dependent on Jyoti).
And Brij tries to reach Pankaj's house, but Bhairavi stops him at the gate through the guards that are there, and when he tries to force him way inside, the guards beat him up; although he is able to call out to Pankaj.

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