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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - 12/24 Karol Bagh - A fight between Abhi and Simi over Simi not telling Abhi about attack on her by Bhalla

It seems too good to last. For any serial, there is always the urge to introduce some tension between the lead characters, something that the makers of 12/24 Karol Bagh have started to do, between the lead pair of Abhi and Simi (with Abhi a bit immature as well, more prone to some amount of aggressiveness, as well as also being possessive of Simi). Abhi managed to get the eviction order on the house withdrawn and thus prevented Rajiv Bhalla from throwing the family out of the house, something that angered Bhalla to a large degree. Bhalla is not able to take this insult easily, and wants to take revenge by taking the house next to them, by taking 13/24 Karol Bagh.
Simi and Abhi are being romantic, but at some point, Abhi discovers a small piece of paper from Bhalla in Simi's purse, and is furious at Simi for hiding something like this from him. He manages to get Simi to tell him that this piece of paper was a letter from Bhalla where he promised to be lenient in the matter of the house if Simi came to him; and when Abhi got to know this, he was furious with Simi. He actually fights with Simi, telling her that she has done something that can threaten their marriage, given that she is hiding things from him, and it is such small things that can break a marriage. She tries to tell him that she hid it from him because of his anger, but is unable to mollify Abhi.
He then moves out of the house in anger, trying to find Bhalla in order to beat him up, and has to go from place to place to try to find Bhalla. In the meantime, Simi's mother goes along with Milli to Abhi and Anita's house in order to invite them to a prayer in their house; Mr. Taneja refuses since he says that relations between the houses are not good, but Mrs. Taneja agrees to come, and even persuades Anita to go back to Anuj's house (but Anita is not planning to go in a good mood).

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