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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Conflict in the families as Asad gets his father sent to jail

The serial is getting a more complex story, although one advantage of the story is that it does not meander as much as other serials. The scenes move fast, and do not spend a lot of time in a particular situation, showing them ending and something new happening (much faster than the all time slow serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - which can move very very slowly indeed). In the particular case, the serial is closing to the entire story behind why Rashid divorced his first wife and married the second wife, and the reason why he can keep on getting pressured by Razia. From a lady who was seen as scheming, the character of Razia has been shown to be more and more evil. Now, she is seen as the one who is tormenting Rashid, forcing him to take actions that he does not like.
Asad is the one who is also shown as very dominating, and very powerful, given his status as a dynamic personality, who is a powerful businessman. So, Razia plays her cards very carefully. She knows that she has a power over Rashid because of the fear of revealing the crime committed by him during the fire at the doll factory over 17 years ago, but at the same time, Rashid is rebelling at this control, and she needs to play some more cards.
So, what better than to frame him again. So she plots a scheme whereby Rashid goes back to the doll factory to hide evidence of the supposed crimes (murder) of 17 years back, and Asad is tricked into also going there some time later. So when Asad reaches there, he can see Rashid apparently handling a dead body, and the linkage comes in that this was the secret that caused Rashid to do a number of antics, including pressuring Rashid to try to commit murder on his ex-wife Dilshad. This makes Asad very angry, since he now believes that his father is trying to kill his mother, and this is something that he cannot tolerate, so he tells Rashid that he will fight him and make sure that he pays for his crime.
On the other hand Rashid has realized that this attempt to frame him must be caused by Razia and comes home to confront her, and then the police comes in and arrests Rashid. When Ayyan claims that his brother Asad will come in and save Rashid from going to jail, the inspector laughs and says that the complaint in fact came from Asad himself, something that shocks Ayyan and everybody else over there. He later confronts Asad, but is unable to shake Asad from promising to testify in court about what he saw. He gets angry at Asad and tells Asad that he is taking revenge on Rashid rather than being honest.
Zoya on the other hand is going through some trouble, since seeing fire is bringing back some bad memories, and also causing her nightmares. She also gets somewhat confused about the attitude of Asad, since he seems to be arrogant at one side, and very caring on the next instant (he shocks her by telling her that he would be devastated if something happened to her). Now, they are looking for a doll which apparently recorded something from 17 years back which would cause Rashid to seem innocent.

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