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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Gopi trying to tell Kokila the truth about what happened in hospital

The attempt by Urmila to know the sex of the twins that are there in Rashi's womb back-fired badly. Urmila wanted to ensure that they were sons so that Rashi would have a high position in the house (the serial did not mention about what would happen if they were girls, since I don't believe the Modi household as shown in the serial would try to get rid of a girl child, especially since Meera is well loved as the child of Ahem and Gopi. However, the police had an eye on the hospital and was listening to phone conversations, and tracked the nurse who was willing to reveal the details of the sex of the child. They came to the hospital to arrest the nurse, and when she was being arrested, the nurse thought that this sex-determination was being asked for by Kokila, and hence she named Kokila. Kokila protested her innocence, but was arrested by the police and taken to jail. Gopi knew about what was happening and threatened that she would reveal everything unless Kokila was taken out of jail, and this was an assertive manner that Gopi is not known for. Even though Urmi tried to put pressure on her, Gopi refused to back down and told Urmila that she will tell the truth to Kokila, since Kokila did not deserve to be in jail for even a second.
Urmila is very scared; already Kokila has a very low opinion of her, and if Kokila were to find out that Urmila was trying to do a sex determination test and was the reason for Kokila to land up in jail, Urmila would land up in severe trouble. So Urmi is trying her best to do a situation whereby Kokila thinks good of her and Gopi does not tell the truth. Urmila at the moment is in a slightly positive situation because she did a drama at the police station, getting the police inspector in a web whereby he was finally forced to reveal Kokila, and hence Kokila is grateful to Urmila. But this would not last if Kokila was to find out that Urmi was the one behind all this.
Urmila decides to invite the Modi household to her house for a Holi party, and before that, asks both Gopi and Rashi to spend the night there before. When they reach there, Rashi is very surprised that Urmila is asking Rashi to do all the work and favoring Gopi; this was so different from what happens normally that Rashi even checks whether Urmila is fine.
During the party, when Gopi tries to take Kokila aside to tell her everything, Urmila keeps on interrupting and preventing Gopi from having that discussion with Kokila. And then when Gopi keeds Laddus, Urmila adds bhang to these laddus and kokila eats one and so does Urmila. Kokila prevents anybody else from eating those laddus, but both Kokila and Urmila are now high.

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