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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - The truth about Karthik unveiled, more tension

Any serial works by showing a series of events that cause tension, these are stretched for several episodes, and when they are resolved, another series of events happen that cause tension, and so on. So, after the truth about the marriage between Natasha and Sid was proven in court and the property was handed back to Ram, there was bound to be some other event which would cause tension. This even in the current set is because they show Karthik, who was otherwise passionate about Natasha, having a second marriage that nobody knows about, and this second marriage has even resulted in a baby. The important event is that everybody will get to know about this, since this is a serial, and the coincidence is that the mother of the child is Jhanvi, who helped Ram and Priya in their court case by acting as a witness to their marriage.
Karthik has come back from Singapore, and since Ayesha had seen him on the video chat which Jhanvi was having with him, she knew that she had got one more weapon on her side. Although Karthik was her own brother, she decided to blackmail Karthik over this knowledge about his having a second wife, and finally got him to pay up money for the same.
But this was not enough. She wanted revenge for what had happened to her, and since Jhanvi was the main witness in the case because of which all her property was taken away from her, she wanted to teach a revenge to Jhanvi. So when a party is happening in the house to celebrate the return of Karthik, she called up Jhanvi and told her that as a well-wisher, Karthik was not well. Jhanvi came to the house and saw what was happening and also saw the exchange of emotions between Karthik and Natasha, and realized that there was no part for her in this. She finally left from there without telling anyone, but left her baby there.
Ram called up the police to tell them about this, and although Priya wanted to take care of the baby rather than the baby going to an orphanage, the police told her that the law does not allow them to let the baby remain in the house and they would need to take the baby. At this Karthik finally breaks his restraints and tells everybody the truth about him being the father of the baby, about his marriage with Jhanvi and how he cannot let the baby be taken away.
Everybody is shocked, and then Ayesha appears on the scene to confirm everything and is gloating about what has happened, how she has taken her revenge, and so on. Finally Priya takes matters into her own hand, and slaps Karthik soundly. However, this will not be the end, since Ram has a temper when it comes to his sister, and even previously he has spoken a lot when something happened, and in the promo, he will again talk harshly, and will even point out that the marriage of Ram and Priya happened because of the need for the marriage of Natasha and Karthik. This might be enough for Priya to claim that everytime he claims that the marriage happened out of necessity and it does not have any standing of its own.

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