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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Meri Bhabhi - The truth about Shraddha is revealed to her father

This is a brand new serial on Star Plus, only having started on the 17th of June. The show is very nascent, but the advertisements for the show portray this as a serial showcasing the love and support that a bhabhi (brother's wife) has for her nanand (husband's sister). So, the show takes a family of an ex-army Colonel Zorawar Shergill, who is shown as stiff but with human emotions. He has a family with a wife, 3 sons and a daughter. His daughter Shraddha is married to a man named Bobby Sood and they love in Mumbai with their child. The promos for the show already gave some idea of the story, the story being that Shraddha is facing a very tough time since her husband has left her, and in society, there are a number of questions when it comes to the presence of the husband and the father of the child, and Shraddha is very humiliated and embarrassed when such questions, and it is her bhabhi, Kritika who provides the maximum support for her during all these times, providing some kind of answers and also providing her the moral support to ensure that she does not give up.
The serial starts off with a birthday for the colonel, but who is very disturbed since his darling daughter Shraddha has not called to wish him for his birthday. As a result, his mood is badly spoilt and he even refuses to let the others celebrate the birthday. A cake has been made for him, but he refuses to take any part in the function, and also discourages the others from doing anything like this. On the other hand, in Mumbai, they show Shraddha trying desperately to get some money to pay off her bills, including the phone bill. Finally she does manage to pay the phone bill and get her connection reactivated and after some more drama, she calls up and the colonel is happy. However, she does not want to tell them about the problems she is going through ever since her husband left her.
However, her bhabhi Kittu finds something wrong and asks her husband Anand to go to Bombay and see whether everything is fine. He goes there and learns that there are many problems, all come because her husband Bobby has left her and she does not want to tell her troubles to others, including her own family. He tells Kittu about the same, and they are wondering how to tell the father and mother, since there will be a big emotional upset to them because of this, but in the end, Kritika does tell the situation to her father-in-law, the colonel. On the other side, Shraddha's brother Anand tells her strongly that he is not going to listen to any more of this drama and is booking her ticket to Delhi, and they will leave, and tells her to pack her bags; he is also shocked that she treated them this way by not telling them about the problems that she was facing. In Delhi, the family is now waiting for their daughter to return.

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