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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Finally Zoya learns the truth about Tanveer

The serial has been meandering in its story for quite some time. The proposed marriage between Zoya and Asad is moving towards happening, although Tanveer is determined to play the spoiler in the relationship and stop the marriage from happening. Tanveer wants to marry Asad so that she would become rich due to Asad being rich (and this was primarily because when she was working for Razia, in the end Razia had taunted her for being nobody and Tanveer was determined to ensure that she would break out of this and become rich and powerful).
With this in mind, Tanveer has been doing a lot of efforts to prevent the marriage between Zoya and Asad. She started helping in the process of getting Zoya deported from the country, and kept on providing information to the authorities that would help in getting Zoya out of her way, but in the end Asad managed to stop the deportation at the last minute. At other intervals, Tanveer tried other ways to hurt Zoya and also create sympathy in the mind of Asad for her. However, things are a bit difficult for her since Asad is in love with Zoya although he would not admit it, and his mother also liked Zoya a lot.
So there was a direct attack on Zoya by Tanveer, but this was avoided, and in the meantime Tanveer started claiming that there was an attack on her. Also, she finally told Asad that she was married and she was separated from her husband, and he was after her, wanting to cause her harm. Asad believed this, although now Zoya was starting to get suspicious about her. But so far, things were problematic since it was difficult to persuade the others that there was something about Tanveer, also given that she was a childhood friend of the family and who would think something like this.
Before, Zoya had discovered some bills and credit cards in the name of Tanveer's factory, the same factory that Tanveer had claimed was burnt down and not working. Zoya found out that there was a problem with Tanveer's left eye (in effect, she had a stone eye that she was hiding under contact lens). She finally proved this by getting the house fumigated which meant that Tanveer had to remove her contact lens. But finally Tanveer told Zoya that she will do everything to stop the marriage and that in front of her capabilities, Zoya would not be able to do anything.
On the other side, there was a fight between Ayyan and Imran (the fiancee of Nikhat), which resulted in the marriage getting called off. Nikhat was very upset over this, and Shireen was frantic, not letting Ayyan in the house. Ayyan was very angry and burnt the car that they had gifted to Imran, not knowing that Imran was also in the car. Razia blackmails Ayyan by telling him that she has photos of him doing this, and he has to marry Humeira to prevent this.

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