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Friday, June 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - The great deceit by Munna and Beera

Mohan Bhatnagar is shown to be smart, and not letting emotions rule over his heart. He was very happy when Muuna helped him find Addu, but it turned out that Addu was not Addu. The young man that they took home in the form of Addu was actually somebody else, and it took a number of events to discover this. First of all, Megha was surprised when she saw that Addu did not recognize her although he seemed to recognize Navika. But the biggest surprise for everybody was when the adult Addu was able to eat good made from sabut dana, something that he was allergic to earlier. Megha was surprised at this, but Mohan was concerned enough to want to investigate more on this one, and decided to do more research. He already had some data from the research doctor's reports on Addu and used these to compare with earlier reports, and to his surprise and shock, the doctor told him that these 2 reports were of different people, which means that the person in the house was not Addu.
Next, he got a big shock (although a happy shock) when he learnt that Navika and Beera were in love with each other and wanted to marry each other. This entire love affair somehow slipped the attention of both Megha and Mohan, and Mohan reacted with a lot of surprise when he learnt about it. He confronted Beera about how he was related to Daddaji, and how he will take care of Navika if they decide to get married. In the end, Megha and Navika convince him that this is the right decision, that Navika is in love with him and is the right thing for him to do to let them get married. So they show some cute romantic moments between Navika and Beera, but there is something else running through this story.
Soon after, they show the apparent truth, where there is a lot of deceit in the story. So, they show Beera going to Daddaji's house after Daddaji is released from prison due to lack of evidence (and Daddaji shows up at the news studio to threaten Mohan) to hand over his wedding card to Daddaji, and then telling Daddaji that the entire event was part of his revenge plan on Mohan and his family for what has happened. So, he told Daddaji that he would humiliate Navika at the time of the marriage and this would be the revenge. After this, Munna appears there and tells Daddaji that Beera was lying and he would get married, but Daddaji was convinced about Beera.
In between, Mohan is investigating about who was trying to hurt Addu and had also taken a blood sample of Munna and this resulted in a confirmation that Munna was indeed the person who had hurt Addu. In addition, Guru suggested that Munna was in fact the true Addu, something that Mohan seemed to think was right.

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