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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Chhavi blames Sandhya for her problems in the exam hall

For Chavvi, the exams are a top priority right now, and all because till now she had not been paying any attention to her studies. However, the last time she met her fiancee Dileep, her future mother-in-law made it clear that they were looking for a daughter-in-law who was well educated, and for that, it was important for her to clear her exams. However, till now, she had not given any priority to her exams. Now it was a challenge. She tried to figure out a way to cheat but was puzzled in the actual paper when it turned out that the questions were different from what she was expecting. She finally saw a solution when Sandhya's papers dropped on the floor and she was able to pick it up and write the answers from there. However, she was caught and even though she denied at that time that Sandhya had given her the papers, she had to think of a solution for home. After all, she was denied from giving the papers and her answer sheet was seized.
So she came home and made up the story that Sandhya was trying to help her and her answer sheet was found with Chavvi and hence it was because of Sandhya that she was prevented from giving the exams. Sandhya totally denied this and said that she did not do anything and it was totally Chavvi's fault. However, Meena did her bit to provoke Bhabho, getting the matka for Bhabho to break and claiming that this will break Chavvi's marriage and so on. Bhabho gave Chavvi another chance by telling her that she lied many times in the past and does she want to change her story, but Chavvi refused to changer her story and claimed that it was Sandhya at fault.
As a result, with the 3 matkas that Bhabho had kept for breaking as a result of mistakes of Sandhya, she broke the first one and gave a date of Sandhya's birthday for the remaining 2 matkas. Sandhya is very disappointed and angry over what has happened and Suraj tries his best to ensure that he calms her down and tells her to expose the truth. She decides to do that, although it is not clear right now as to what she will do. The people in the exam hall know the truth, so maybe that is one avenue.
At the sweets shop, Suraj has a big order and has kept it all in the shop, but Emily, Chavvi and Meena all go to the shop for different reasons and will leave the shop open, causing rats to come in and spoil some of what Suraj has prepared.

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