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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Saras has to go away, what will happen

There are 2 main tracks that have happened in the serial, and since the serial moves a bit slowly, the 2 tracks take a lot of time to happen. First of all, Kumari is on the verge of marriage, since she was having an affair with a police inspector, Umesh for quite some time. Umesh had told her that he will help her find her father, from whom she has been separated for quite some time. When her father was found, she did not tell Badima, her mother, since her mother had separated from her father a long time back, and also because her mother knew that her father was not a good man. However, Kumari did not really know all this, and the excitement of finding her father was over-whelming to the extent that she his all this from Badima. And in all this, she was also planning on getting married to Umesh, and again without telling anybody in her family even though she knew that they would not easily approve of all this. In all this, she was being helped and goaded by Ghuman, who sees this as a possible route to get some embarrassment for Badima and the rest of the family, and to do this on the day of Kumud's engagement.
However, when Kumari had left for the temple and was on the process of going through the marriage, who would land there but Saras and Danny. They could see that something was wrong, after all, which girl would so easily want to get married without telling her family and that too on the day that her close cousin sister was getting engaged in a major function. They intervene, but her father and Umesh both tell them that Kumari can easily do this, since she is a major and after all this is her father and hence she cannot be stopped. But Saras and Danny do intervene and persuade her to drop her plan for getting married like this without the knowledge of her family. Umesh is very angry, but Kumari's father persuades him to not do anything for now.
In the meantime, there is an urgent business discussion in Dubai and it is required that Saras's father and Ghuman both leave for Dubai, and Saras also says that it is important for him to be there, so he also has to leave. This is something very sad for both Saras and Kumud since they have got very close to each other, and such a parting, that too with him going so far away is very sad. However, there has to be this parting, although Danny will stay here and it is also hoped that he will learn some responsibility like Saras also changed a lot in this trip.
In sadness, both Kumud and Saras part from each other through an exchange of some colors and a white scarf and are waiting for the time when he will come from Dubai with the baarat coming from Dubai.

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