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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Ravan gets angry, no longer being a Shiv bhakt

So far the serial has shown Dashanan to be the most ardent devotee of Mahadev, and that is something that Dashanan wears like a matter of honor. He arrogantly claims that he is the best devotee of Mahadev and dismisses others, and behaves most arrogantly, and yet Mahadev is always striving to keep him on control and not lash out at him. The behavior of Dashanan can be very arrogant at times, especially when he is having a discussion with Nandi and mocking Nandi, insulting him. Finally Nandi gives him a curse, which was the one that lead to Hanuman causing such harm and destruction to Lanka just before the war in Ramayana.
Earlier, there was the case where Dashanan had created a magnificent palace for Mahadev (although Mahadev was not really interested in having a palace, since he considered the presence of nature next to him as the ultimate and did not want to be enclosed inside a building). In the end, Dashanan asked for a boon in which he asked for the palace with the assumption that Mahadev would also be in the palace and so would finally be moving to be in Lanka, along with Dashanan. However, Mahadev refused and so Dashanan was forced to leave from there along with the palace that he had constructed, but without the presence of Mahadev with him. He had taken the nature of a spoilt child by insisting that Mahadev come with him to Lanka, and felt that he could force Mahadev to come with him through all sorts of pressure. Mahadev refused again, and this time Dashanan tried to use his strength to pick up Kailash and try to take it with him, and then Mahadev put his foot on the ground and Kailash became so heavy that Dashanan had to put it down with his hand trapped underneath. Finally, through the display of his musical abilities, he was able to get his hand out, but had not given up his wishes. He was called to do a duty of using music for the propagation of the Vedas, and did so, and Mahadev had also given him a new name, Ravan, which Dashanan enthusiastically accepted. But, he again asked to get Mahadev to come with him to Lanka, and finally Mahadev accepted, putting himself inside a lingam and asking Ravan to take it with him to Lanka, but never letting the stone lingam touch the ground, since wherever the lingam came into contact with the ground, Mahadev would take up base over there.
Ravan set out on the trip, but Ganesh had given a vow to his mother that he would get Mahadev back, and he followed Ravan, trying to tempt him on the way. Finally he managed to get Ravan to drink some water which would force Ravan to attend to nature's call (the first time they are mentioning something like a bodily function on the serial) and he asked Ganesh to carry it till he was done, and Ganesh said that he would do so only till sunset; and when that happened, he set the lingam down with a lot of glee. When Ravan saw this, he wanted to pick up the lingam, but was not able to do so, since Mahadev told him that as per the condition, he would setup himself at the location, and that is how the Baijnath shrine near Kangra was setup.
Ravan was very angry at this, claiming that inspite of him being the most ardent devotee of Mahadev, he had been deceived, and henceforth he would no longer be a devotee of Mahadev, and would instead be the very powerful Ravan. Mahadev listens to him making these words.

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