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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Akash persuades his mother to forget revenge

The serial has taken a total turn from a month back. For a long time, the serial focused on getting Meethi to love Akash (presenting him as Vishnu), so that once they are married, the revenge for the death of Avinash at the hands of Ichcha, when Ichcha was protecting Veer. Even though Mukta was suspicious, and even managed to convince Rathore that there was something wrong about Vishnu, they were not able to convince Ichcha and Meethi of the same. In fact, the tables were turned on Mukta when it was portrayed that she was doing this to get some sort of revenge on Meethi. So the marriage happened and then it was supposed that Meethi and Vishnu had gone for their honeymoon. However, this was not as it appeared, since in fact they had gone back to her inlaws without letting Veer and Ichcha know. Once in Vishnu's house, the inlaws appeared nice but traditional, although in reality they were plotting against her.
Things got very serious when Ichcha suffered a serious accident and was on her death-bed, and they were unable to find Meethi. On the other hand, Surbhi, as Kanha's wife was providing them all the information that they needed, and then they made Meethi (unaware of the death of her mother) dance on the chauthi of her mother's death, all this as a part of her revenge. However, Rathore was on the hunt for detecting where Meethi and Vishnu were, and he managed to find them in a remote village in their haveli. By that time, Vishnu had been convinced by the love of Meethi and was no longer interested in killing her. Around this time, Rathore caught up with them and beat up Vishnu mercilessly, and then took away Meethi. Meethi had heard of the truth from Vishnu by then, and was totally shocked, and all her love seemed to have vanished.
However, things were not so clear. Vishnu's mother was very surprised at the about turn of her son, who was so dedicated to the revenge of his father, but over a period of time, she understood that her son had totally turned and was not willing to go on this quest of revenge any more, and she had to come to turns with this. At this time, the others in her family were totally shocked that she had given up her quest for revenge, also since there was the question of the marriage of Surbhi. Once Kanha had got to know the reasons for why Surbhi was married to him and how she was there as part of revenge, he sent a divorce petition to their house which was signed by Surbhi, but there was a taunt about why the same is not happening to the marriage of Meethi and Akash. What will happen next ? Will this marriage continue in these strange circumstances, where everybody is against him but Meethi is not so sure.

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