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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Deb Mahadev - Indra does not become Devraj, position goes to Nahush

The story of Jalandhar came to an end finally in his confrontation with Mahadev. The battle was never really a battle with the power of Mahadev always keeping Jalandhar on the backfoot. In addition, in the meeting that Jalandhar had with Parvathi where she was his captive, she told him that when she saw him again, he would be nearing his end, and Jalandhar was amused as to how she would ever be able to come out this illusory place. However she tells him that she is not killing him right now, and this is her favor to him just like he believed that he had done her a favor when he was in a rage after the death of Vrinda and was ready to strike down Parvathi.
So, in the battle with Mahadev, finally Parvathi decides to break her captivity and starts using her powers. These powers let her break the illusion that was keeping her hidden from everybody else and she soon enters the battlefield and Jalandhar is astounded to see her there. He could not believe that the powers that he thought would control his enemies could be so easily broken, and by this time Mahadev had struck him with a powerful blow that struck him a mortal wound, one from which he would not recover. After that, there was  some discussion where Jalandhar discussed about why Shiva was not there for him when Jalandhar needed him on occasions, and Mahadev told him that he was there for him every time, all the times when somebody went to help Jalandhar, it was on the basis of something that Mahadev had done.
After this, the end came peacefully. After some more moral statements by Mahadev, Jalandhar was converted back into the ball of fire from which he came, and was absorbed back into Mahadev's third eye, and that was the end of the story of Jalandhar. The lasting issue from that was the curse which Vrinda had put on Narayan for deceiving her.
After this, the position of the ruler of the 3 worlds was again open, and so was the position of that of lord of the devas. Indra was there, but he knew that this time, there was a lot of resentment against him for what he had done; the birth of Jalandhar was because he had provoked Lord Shiva and Jalandhar's wanting revenge against the devas was also because Indra had killed his mother, and this was what was provoking the rage in him; and as a result, whenever Indra wanted help against Jalandhar from the trimurti, he was reminded of his deeds and hence this time he himself refused to ask for the title of lord of the devas, and finally one of the rishis suggested the name of Nahush to be the king of the devas; and whatever training he required, it would be given to him over time so that he would be able to do as required.

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