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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Time for the marriage of the children

As usual, the serial tries to run 2 stories at the same time. One story continues to deal with the continuation of Ravan having broken off from his worship of Mahadev, angry over the fact that no matter what he did, Mahadev refused to come with him to Lanka. And even when Mahadev finally agreed to come to Lanka, Ravan was finally thwarted in his mission through the presence of Ganesh, who took over holding of the lingam from Ravan, and then put the lingam on the ground, because of which the mission to go to Lanka was again prevented. This finally made him angry, since he blamed Mahadev for what Ganesh had done, and realized that Mahadev had no intention to go to Lanka. He of course never stopped to think that it was his arrogance which wanted him to be proclaimed as the biggest devotee of Mahadev, and that he would be able to take Mahadev from his home in Mount Kailash to Lanka.
He decided to become a very strong ruler, no longer constrained by devotion of Mahadev, and decided to demolish the golden temple that he had first built for Mahadev, and wanted to construct a totally new magnificent city. He was also realized of the boon that he had got from Brahmaji did not cover humans (he did not believe that humans could ever cause him any worry or be a cause for his death), and decided to punish humans. First of all, he got a number of humans to work for him through a system of punishment, but then Mahadev came there to stop him from doing that. Ravan was defiant, since he claimed that the boon from Brahma would prevent him from being conquered; Mahadev told him that a human only would be the one to kill him. Finally, when the construction of his city was over, he decided to kill all the human workers, and this time Mahadev came in the form of a normal human (although with very strong capabilities) to give strength to the humans in terms of their fighting capabilities.
On the other side, both the sons, Ganesh and Karthikeyan had been gone for a long time, gone to get their education. Both Mahadev and Parvathi had missed them for a long time, but now finally they were on their way back to Kailash. Also, Mahadev had mentioned that there was a time for their marriage, and they were just wondering who would be ideal wives for them, when one of the prajapatis came along with his 2 daughters for the marriage. The girls had been rescued by Ganesh when they were heading to the ashram for their education, being threatened by an asura, who was challenged by Ganesh and then killed, although the asura claimed that he would be revenged by his brother.

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