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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki - Finally the mill is opened and truth about Amrutlal and Hansmukh revealed

For some time now, there has been a lot of tension in the serial about the mill and the sale of the mill. There were accusations against Karsan, the truly honest member in the family about the disappearance of the papers and the appearance of the papers in the hand of Amrutlal. Amrutlal wants to get the land on which the mill stands, and he was finding it difficult to do as long as the mill was working and on a regular basis. So, he was the one who set fire to the mill, which was the event which caused Kishan to leave for abroad to get support and funds for re-opening the mill and ensuring the heritage of his family was preserved and the workers of the area got the support they needed.
However, when he returned, he returned with a wife, Bhoomi, which nobody was expecting. In fact, due to a communication gap, he thought that he had told his family about the marriage and they were approving of his decision to get married to Bhoomi, while they thought that they had arranged a bride for him and he was accepting of their decision. So, Bhoomi faced a lot of problem in getting accepted in the family and has to run through a series of tests set by the matriarch of the family, Aruna Irani. Inspite of not knowing the details of these items, she manages to pass these tests.
Now, Kishan decides that he will not let this happen, and will prevent Amrutlal from taking the property of the mill. For this, he has to first determine the role of Hansmukh in this whole episode and then figure out how the papers were actually given to Amrutlal. With the help of Bhoomi, first he goes to Amrutlal's place when he is looking for sellers to sell the land on which the mill is built, and then informs everybody that the papers he had were false and that they should not get tempted to buy the land since there are lots of problems with the papers and why they are getting sucked into something that is legally wrong. Amrutlal is not convinced, but he has an element of doubt and gets in touch with Hansmukh to find the true papers and also threatens him to resolve matters.
Kishan and Bhoomi then trap Hansmukh and get his evidence on the phone, and then force him to get the papers from Amrutlal under a false guise. He then uses this to get the court order vacated and finally managed to ensure that the matter is now clear, and even when Amrutlal appears there, he manages to show him that everything is correct and even Amrutlal's lawyer agrees with this. At this stage, Amrutlal reveals the whole truth about whatever Hansmukh had done to help him.

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