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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Marriage of Asad and Zoya not happening for now, Tanveer ..qub

The marriage date for Zoya and Asad was finally reached, and everybody is anxiously waiting for the final moments. The Qazi is there, and everybody is waiting for Asad to reach back to the home, with Zoya already fully ready. However, Tanveer has other ideas; she had already told Zoya that things will not be so easy, and that even if Zoya does get married to Asad, Tanveer will be the one who will consummate the marriage with Asad, that she will do everything in her power to disrupt the marriage.
However, Asad does not know anything about this, he is fully confident that the marriage will happen and that Tanveer is his childhood friend and nothing can disrupt this. He is on the way with Tanveer, when he gets down from the vehicle for a short period and then sees that Tanveer is not there. He looks around and sees some people carrying away Tanveer, and chases after them, and you know that this is all a plan by Tanveer to trap Asad in a position where things will go very bad for him and he will be unable to do the marriage.
So, now everyone is waiting for Asad, and he does not show up. Guests start to leave, the Qazi also has to attend to other marriages and is getting late, and things are not going well. And then Zoya gets a call from Tanveer taunting her that what she said was coming true, that Asad was actually with her rather than with Zoya. She gives the address to Zoya, who rushes there along with Ayyan.
Zoya's worst fears are realized when she reaches there, since she sees that both Asad and Tanveer are there in the same bed, under a sheet and Asad's upper body shows signs of lipsticks, and Tanveer looks very satisfied. Zoya is horrified at what she saw, and almost falls to the ground. In the meantime, Asad also gets conscious, sees where he is, and is horrified at seeing his condition and that Zoya is there standing in front of him. He rushes after her, but she refuses to listen to anything he says, seeing that everything is there to be seen already.
She finally comes home, and Asad follows soon after with Tanveer. Everybody is shocked at what happens, and when Asad tries to talk to his mom, she slaps him, and tells him that he has done something horrible, and worst of all, he has done the exact same thing that his father did so many years, and he is just following in the footsteps of his father. Asad is further shocked at this, and everybody leaves. At this point, probably Ayyan is the only one who has some sort of sympathy for Asad, but nobody else. Asad's mother also speaks rudely to Tanveer, blaming her for what has happened, and she leaves from there. Later, when they go looking for Zoya, they are not able to find her.

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