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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Natasha goes ballistic, files case on her inlaws

The serial has suddenly moved into very serious territory. The introduction of laws governing atrocities against women such as 498A and others which take these crimes very seriously have led to a situation where there is some misuse of these laws. This has been shown in some TV serials and have also come out in court cases where even though they are useful, they can also be misused. A recent serial which showed the misuse of such laws, leading to the jailing of inlaws until the charge was withdrawn was in the serial, 'Sapne Suhane Ladapan Ke'. The same thing is happening in the serial 'Bade Ache Lagte Hain' where Natasha is furious about what has happened to her, and is using these laws to take her revenge.
Natasha and the rest of the family got to know what Karthik was upto and learnt that he had a second marriage with Jhanvi, and he also had a child from that relationship. Once Jhanvi got to know about this earlier marriage and about the relationship that Natasha and Karthik had, she left Karthik and also left the baby in the house. At this, Kathik owned up to the baby and to the relationship, and had to face the fury of his family and Ram because of that. He left soon after for Singapore, and his mom could not bear to see the baby going out of the house, especially since Natasha could not have a baby.
So, when Nuts found out about Karthik, she was very angry. She was roaming around the town and finally decided to jump into water for committing suicide. However, she next found herself in bed, and who was looking upto her but Ayesha. Although they spoke bitterly a bit, it was clear that the bitterness in Natasha about what had happened to her got through, and since Ayesha was speaking to her in the language of taking revenge, she listened to what Ayesha was saying.
So, as a result, Natasha goes to Ram and Priya and says that she wants to go back to her married home, and although both of them are a bit surprised about what she is saying, they take her back to Karthik's house. When she gets there, she sees the baby there and soon turns bitter, telling her inlaws that she would come back, but there was one condition. The baby needs to be sent out of the house, and she is very insistent on this. She tells them that the baby will be well taken care of, but the baby cannot remain in the house. They are aghast, and when she takes the baby and tries to go out of the house, there is some pushing and shoving and she falls down. And this is what she wanted.
Next, the police are in the house since she has filed a domestic violence complaint, and they take away her inlaws. When Ram and Priya try to intervene, she tells them that she will withdraw the case if the baby goes out of the house; and Ayesha is telling her that this is the way to ensure that Karthik comes back to the city where she can take her full revenge on him. Priya is stumped, since her mother refuses to let the baby go to an orphanage, she will only hand over the baby to Karthik once he comes back. Finally Priya takes the baby and takes to Neha and Vikram's house.

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