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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Master Chef India (part 3) - Chef Ripu Daman the winner

Master Chef India is an interesting competition, different from the usual song and dance competitions that happen on many other reality show contests. There is an international Master Chef contest, and this show seems to be styled similar to that, getting common people coming in from auditions from cities all over the country and then appearing before the celebrity chef judges, passing through a number of contests and with people getting kicked out as the show moves on. The celebrity judges appearing for the contest were 3 chefs - Sanjeev Kapoor, Kunal Kapur, and Vikas Khanna, and each of them had their own style, sometimes appearing stern to the contestants and at other times, appearing helpful, pointing out some problems that were happening with the various dishes being made by the contestants, in time that that some changes could be made.
The contestants who appeared on the show are: Chef Ripudaman Handa, Chef Navneet Rastogi, Chef Doel Sarangi, Nisha Verma, Sachin Naik, Yasmin Sheikh, Aditi Madaan, Devyani, Happy Singh, Khokhu Patra, Jehan Bomi Sarkari, and Ishrat Ali. In addition, during the various episodes, there were more stars from TV who appeared. The channel were trying to promote the show in different other shows. The difference between this time was that the show instead of appearing on the weekend, was moved to a weekday slot (and hence the show operative time was reduced from 48 minutes to 24 minutes).
The contestants had to go through different contests, but one of the most interesting episodes was where the contests were forced to use a bamboo as the cooking medium, which was very difficult for everybody. In other episodes, the show forced the contestants to form teams and work with each other, and this could cause ego problems to everybody in the team, with this sometimes causing problems in terms of differences in how the teams were able to work together.
Another episode was interesting where the contestants were forced to make dishes out of left overs, items that were discarded during the normal kitchen processing, such as jackfruit peel, leaves of cauliflower, tamarind leaves, papaya seeds, and others. Another interesting dish was to make a pizza on a tawa instead of an oven, and to make it using Indian ingredients and using items from a state other than their own.

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