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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita Ka Amit - Amita wins the total trust of her mother-in-law Falguni

Amita has been under a lot of trouble. There was the case of the file which was stolen by Tina and Ria to make it seem that Amit is irresponsible and so it seemed. Amit got into a lot of trouble over that missing file and his father scolded him a lot for that. Amit in turn blamed Amita for the missing file since she had done a lot of re-decoration of the room because of her belief in seeing that feng shui will make life better. Amita is very upset about where the file can be, and wants to search the entire house. Through a guise, she is able to look in the bedroom of Tina and gets a glimpse of the file, before Tina closes the almirah and scolds her for peeking in the clothes of others.
Amita is unfazed at this and decides to get more help, and tells Amit about this although he is reluctant to believe her. However, she insists and soon Tina calls Falguni, claiming that they were being insulted by the new bahu of the house who claims that Tina and Ria have stolen the important file. However, Falguni keeps a cool head and asks them as to why they just don't let her have a look. Finally, the cupboard is opened and there is no file there, although Amita is convinced that the file was there, but has to retreat. Amit continues to scold her.
In the end, Amita gets the file when Ria is dumping it in the waster bin, but Tina reaches there and blames Amita for everything and pins the blame on Amita. Amit is very upset over this entire matter, since it seems to show his father that he is careless.
In the next major incident, Falguni has given some priceless antique jewels to a jeweller but when she goes there, she realizes that she does not have any receipt and gets a shock when the manager of the shop and the jeweler's son have decided to steal those jewels and claim that she never got those. She is shocked and when back home, tells everything to Amita and not to others in the house. Amita takes responsibility for the loss of jewels and in the meantime is trying to get the jewels back using other tactics. The problem is, the jewels are needed the next day since they are required for a prayer, and Tina sees a great way to pin Amita down further. Amit has also given her another scolding.
The next day, Tina is enjoying the situation since the time for prayer has come, and Amita is not even there. However, Amita goes to the jeweler's shop and scares the manager and the owner's son by claiming that she knows the head of the market association and also, that since there are CCTV cameras, the police can detect who stole the jewels, and also the owner would be interested in knowing how the shop is being operated. She gets the jewels back, while at home, Falguni could not take the criticism of Amita and said that she was the to blame, and not Amita, and in the meantime, Amita also comes back with the jewels.

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