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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Karthik shot, badly wounded and in hospital

Things went pretty strange in the serial. The whole quest to bring back Karthik and get him jailed was the basic attempt of Natasha, and she was using the threat of keeping her inlaws in jail until this was achieved. So, here you have Ram, agreeing to let his inlaws be in jail till Karthik comes back; something incredibly unfair and everybody in his family seems to be agreeable to that. Till the time that Karthik comes back, his parents can be jail for something that they did not do, and everybody seems to be fine with that, with only Priya concerned with that; this was an incredible thing to show. Even Ayesha is not at all concerned that her parents in jail; in fact, she was the one who proposed this plan and guided Natasha through all this, and again, only Priya seemed to be concerned by this point. Everybody else did not seem to care that Natasha was taking the help of Ayesha, who was the enemy of everybody and who would not be in the slightest bit caring for what Natasha wanted.
Anyhow, there was a lot of drama in the serial, with the maximum amount of drama being between Ram and Priya; with Ram hiding the fact that he was working on what Natasha wanted, to send the police to arrest Karthik and take him to jail. One confusing point was that nobody mentioned what was the ground of arrest - as far as I know, bigamy was the only point on which the arrest could happen and there was no complaint yet filed; even after filing a case, no mention that a case had been filed. There was no threat by Karthik, so there could not possibly have been a case against Kathik in terms of the domestic violence law.
Anyhow, everybody reached there, with Karthik being provoked by Ayesha to run from there and not believe what Priya was telling him; Priya in turn was literally hounding Karthik with long speeches and huge emotional drama until he finally felt compelled to turn himself into the police (and maybe so that her speeches would end). When he was getting into Ayesha's car and leaving her there, the police fired on him. Not sure whether it was a criminal case, but police typically would not be allowed to fire on somebody until they felt that he was escaping in a very serious case or he was trying to fire on them, so did not understand this part at all.
Anyhow, Karthik takes Priya to the hospital and then lies down on the floor with a bullet in his shoulder. A bullet injury can be very painful, but a shoulder injury would typically not be life threatening unless there is a huge loss of blood, and that is what is seeming to happen since he is lying on the floor (and that too the floor of a hospital) and everybody is just standing around staring. And staring, and Ram even leaves from there and nobody calls a doctor or some other medical help. Finally Priya gets up from her bed, goes there, determines that he is alive and then gets a doctor and other staff to take him for treatment. In terms of how things happened, this was probably the most stupid and illogical episode of this serial that I have seen till now.

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