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Monday, January 4, 2010

Aap Ki Antara - going down the sob story line again

The life of an autistic girl with the challenges faced by her family.
Aap Ki Antara seemed to be showing positive news, with Antara and Vidya getting closer, and having a specific scene where Antara seems to be coming out of her shell. Vidya is encouraged to start her classical music and singing sessions again, and then comes a time when it is learned that Antara seems to be swaying to music as well, and in fact, the breakthrough happens when Antara starts singing at a public performance given by Vidya when Vidya is overcome by her emotions and cannot sing anymore.
However, it was too good to last, and one knew that the manufacturers of the serial would ensure that things would again start to get into tragedy and despair, and so it seemed. Just when it seemed that things would start to become normal (even though Abhishek gets troubled by Antara's behavior a lot), things start to go downhill again. It is shown that Aditya is diagnosed with stomach cancer, and is beyond treatment. He has not yet told Vidya, but is starting to plan for when he will not there.

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