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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Palkon Ki Chchaon Mein, NDTV Imagine’s Prime time serial is at cross roads in terms of its lead pair’s future course of life. The story is about an orphaned girl by the name of Suman and her journey. The story began with Suman, an orphaned girl who goes to the house of her close friend to attend a wedding. There her dream of finding acceptance in a loving family comes true. Every member of this big, traditional household takes a liking to her soft charm. Soon she becomes the darling of Kadambari, the younger daughter-in-law of the family’s patriarch. She secretly desires to marry off Suman to her eldest son Kartik.

Unbeknownst to any one else, Karan, Kadambari’s youngest son, falls in love with Suman and woos her desperately. As she is about to realise her true feelings for Karan, Kadambari declares to Suman that she had selected the latter for kartik. Unwilling to let down Kadambari who had loved her like a mother, Suman decides to go away till Kartik uncovers the truth of the two lovers and decides to get them married. Initially there is some opposition, as Suman is an orphan, but soon everyone gives in (primarily due to Kartik’s efforts) and Karan and Suman get married amidst a lot of festivities. However destiny had its own plans for Suman.

Soon after marriage they set out for their honeymoon trip and on their way, Karan meets with a fatal accident and dies. Life and widowhood comes crashing down on Suman. She is treated like a curse by her beloved mother-in-law Kadambari, who holds her responsible for her son’s death. Made to sleep outside the house with the cows, ill-treated by the cunning aunt (Buaji) and misunderstood by one and all, Suman’s life loses it rainbow hues like her saree. After the rituals are over she is made to leave the house by Kadambari. Her uncle-in-law refusing to accept this unjust act walks out with her and find shelter in his widowed friend’s house.

Kartik has been a pillar of support for Suman all this while. But now his mother wants him to marry Nandini and shun out even the shadow of Suman. Suman too finds herself becoming the object of affection of her uncle’s widowed friend. Whether destiny will now be kind to Suman; whether Kartik will be able to own up to his real feelings for her (despite the fact that she is his younger brother’s widow); whether Kadambari will forgive Suman and move on are questions to which the serial will have to find answers. What direction Suman’s life takes from here on will be indeed interesting to watch.

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