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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ammaji - Back from Hell - Na Aana Is Des Laado

For the first time in the history of television history, the return of the antagonist is being highly anticipated. Ammaji, tormentor of innumerable hapless souls, including her own immediate family, has been resurrected and is back to make life hell for all those who conspired behind her back. Dharam Veer, chief conspirator and the man behind all the devious plotting got to enjoy the spotlight only for this teeny weeny bit before the harsh reality of life had him bamboozled. His poor wife fell on her knees and begged him to spare his own flesh and daughter, Jhoomar, from the evil clutches of DM Vohra, but he refused her ardent pleas. He in fact went one step further, severing all ties with his legally wedded wife and reduced her to the status of a servant girl. He also took on as consort, his mistress, a person whose black designs equal his own.

He disowns his own son since the latter had dared to raise his voice against the injustice of his father’s actions. Pride truly comes before a fall and Dharam Veer proved this saying right by accepting his role in the conspiracy to finish off Amma-ji. Deluded with his own sense of invincibility he freely admitted to the crime and then sat upon the very throne that used to belong to Ammaji pushing aside her beetle leaf container. As the priests move in to perform the sacred rites of passage to confer upon him the title of “King”, justice prevails and the rightful owner of the title returns, amidst much shock and awe.

It is a testimony to the immense popularity of Meghna Mathur’s characterisation of Ammaji that for the first time ever, the return of a negative character is being so eagerly anticipated. Yes, she is vile and evil and her cruelty knows no bound. Yet for the audience there is no Na Aana Is Des Mere Lado without Ammaji. It is her role that pulls in all the eyeballs. And even though people want her to be punished but they want that punishment to come from someone who has been wronged by her. This undignified end to such a larger than life character was something that the audience could not reconcile to. The audience is perceptive enough to understand that while Ammaji is wrong, yet she is caught in a trap where in order to survive in a man’s world, she has to play like a man. So Meghna Desai, take a bow, your Ammaji has truly worked her way into the hearts of the viewing audience.

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