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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bidaai - Happy times ahead?

Over the last month or so, the track of Bidaai (Star Plus) has been witness to a lot of heartbreak and sadness for its lead characters-Alekh, Sadhna, Ranveer and Ragini. Ranveer was put behind bars on the basis of Sadhna’s testimony. Ragini miscarried upon the news and as a result Sadhna was asked to leave the Raichand house. However now that Ranveer has been released from the prison and is back with Ragini, things are set to change for the better. The two main love stories around which the show was based are back in focus once again.

Ragini is severely depressed and does not want to entertain any thoughts of reconciliation with her beloved sister Sadhna. She asks Ranveer to promise her that he will not try to contact Sadhna and seek to mend broken bridges. Ranveer understands and appreciates Ragini’s fragile mental state. But he is also aware that the only person who can help him help his wife is the one person that he is not allowed to meet-Sadhna. For the sake of Ragini’s well being, he breaks his promise to his wife and decides to meet up with Sadhna. A concerned Sadhna tells Ranveer that he should take Ragini to the dance school as dance is the latter’s first love and the thing that brought the couple together. Ranveer follows this sane advice and takes his wife to the dance school and Ragini rediscovers her forgotten passion for dance. She dances with gay abandon forgetting her worries and concerns.

In the meanwhile, Sadhna has become back to her maternal uncle’s house after being disowned by her husband and his family. She realises Alekh needs time and space to understand and respect her one act that put his brother behind bars. She decides to take up a job in the same company where her uncle works and is hired as a personal assistant. Call it fate or call it destiny, but she finds herself face to face with her husband, working as his employee. Alekh has been trying his best to avoid face-to-face situations with his wife as that would force him to answer a lot of unanswered questions to his own self. This new development forces the ‘much-in-love’ duo to work side-by-side on a regular basis. Whether this will help the Alekh-Sadhna love story to grow and mature; only time will tell. However for the viewers it spells more romantic evenings where we can get to enjoy two of the most successful pairs of Hindi serials in recent times. As audiences can we ask for anything more?

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