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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good times ahead for Bindiya ?" - Bhagyavidhata (Colors)

Things are finally looking up for Bindiya, female lead of Bhagyavidhata (Colors). Married off to her husband (Vinay) at gun point, she has been at the receiving of his hatred. Initially the rest of the family too were against her. They refused to accept her and she was made to sleep in the cowshed. Bindiya however is determined to make people accept and like her. Her perseverance, her soft demeanour, her silent but large actions help the family members to realise her worth. Initially it is her elder brother-in-law and an aunt-in-law who are willing to give her a chance and take her side. Things take a turn for the better when a double marriage takes place between Bindiya’s paternal and marital family. Her younger sister (Poonam) marries her elder brother-in-law (Bimlesh); while her brother (Raja) marries her husband’s cousin sister (Rekha).

However Vinay, Bindiya’s husband still refuses to accept her as his wife. It is then the turn of her eldest brother-in-law (Akhilesh) to discover the goodness in Bindiya. She is able to turn this individual who was against her into a staunch ally. He in fact goes against his wife (Punpunwali) in order to stand up for Bindiya. Her grandmother-in-law also won over by her simplicity and dedication forces Vinay to make room for Bindiya in their bedroom. In another turn of events she is able to protect the family from the evil designs of a wicked Uncle-in-law, Umashankar, by warning off her brothers-in-law of his true intentions. Vinay grudgingly accepts Bindiya’s well meaning actions and there is the slightest bit of thaw evident in his manner.

Bindiya’s eldest sister-in-law wants Vinay to marry her own younger sister and to that end has been making life miserable for our lead. On the pretext of a visit to a fair, she tries to bring her sister and Vinay together. But this plan backfires in a major way. While taking a short cut through a jungle, the foursome is attacked by two small time robbers. Bindiya hands over all her jewellery, except her Mangalsutra, the sacred thread of a married woman. She is physically assaulted by the robber but is unwilling to let go of something that is of immense significance to her and of immense insignificance to her husband. This action of hers forces Vinay to take a true look at her. For the first time, the husband wife duo is forced to act as a team, to be together. All of this helps Vinay to observe Bindiya from close quarters and revaluate his decision. Whether this is the beginning of good times for the lead pair of Bhagyavidhata only time will tell. But at least it is a step in the right and happy direction for the viewers.

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