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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ammaji died on Na Aana Is Desh Ladoo on Colors

The serial, appearing on Colors weekdays at 10:30 PM has suddenly seen a major change. Ammaji was the terror of the whole area, acting like a total local dictator, and causing immense grief to the women of her household. Initially they showed her as responsible for killing women infants, but they soon stopped showing those. However, Ammaji was shown as acting in a most villanious way in the way she behaved against Chanda and against Sia (deceiving Sia by showing her son in a good way, but her son quickly reverted back to being a true son of Ammaji and portraying Sia as a girl of loose morals).
However, in all this, Ammaji made some deadly rivals. Earlier, by throwing the DM out, and then managing to win the court against her, she made a deadly enemy in the shape of the DM, who never accepted his humiliation at the hands of Ammaji. In addition, her brother-in-law and her son both have been trying out how to kill Ammaji by making it look like an accident. But Ammaji escapes every time. Her local pandit also gave her a warning that she was in danger if she steps outside the house.
In the end, the DM got Annaji to out come out in public by inviting her to stand as a candidated for an. For this, she was willing to defeat the words of the pandit who warned how about going out, and finally, despite Siya trying to save Ammaji, Ammaji was doomed.

1 comment:

सुरेन्द्र "मुल्हिद" said...

ammaji is playin asif she is dead but she wud be in the backgrounnd and kick everyone at the right time.

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