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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ammaji - Audacity is thy name!

Ammaji’s audacity knows no bounds. First she staged the drama of her own death, thereby convincing her enemies to come out in the open and declare themselves. Having drawn out Dharam Veer Singh and District Magistrate Vohra, she flogged her own brother-in-law to an almost-dead state. Not being satisfied with this, she then tied the man to the end of her jeep and dragged him all over the village and threw him to the wild animals. Forbidding him to ever enter the village she punishes not only him but his entire family; as he is husband to one and father to two.

Instrumental in saving her life has been Sia, married to her youngest son Raghav but who she has reduced to the position of a servant girl in the house.Sia proved her mettle as a fine woman when she threw herself in the line of the bullet that was meant to kill Ammaji. Honoring a human life more than all the resentment (justifiably so) that she has against Ammaji and her cruel ways, she arrives just in time to warn Ammaji of the threat to her life. Had it not been for her timely intervention Ammaji would have surely fallen prey to Dharam Veer and DM Vohra’s schemes.

Grievously injured by a bullet meant for Ammaji, Sia mourns her mother-in-law’s death in the hospital. Her husband Raghav, who has so far treated her like an object of disdain, arrives to give her the good news and take her home. Sia’s act of bravery has changed Raghav’s attitude towards her. He is immensely grateful and profoundly moved by her action. He seems softer, gentler in his approach and for the first time acts like a caring husband. However Ammaji is not happy seeing her favourite son being nice to someone whom she considers to be a servant of the house. She even goes on to say that Sia’s act of bravery is something that is expected of her position, that of a servant girl. She adds that by taking the bullet meant for her, Sia was only fulfilling her role, her duty. Such audacity! Such Impudence! Instead of being indebted to Sia, she humiliates her further by adding that Raghav should not have gone to fetch her from the hospital as that was a job befitting her (as in Ammaji’s) bodyguards. Even her ever loyal guards are stunned into disbelief by this callous remark.

The growing intimacy between Raghav and Sia is making Ammaji uncomfortable as Raghav is her most trusted soldier and her favorite son. If he is lost to the good Sia, Ammaji will be one warrior short. Will Ammaji be a mute spectator to this new development or will her diabolical mind put an end to Sia and Raghav’s closeness-only time will tell.

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