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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The battle between Tapasya and Ichcha - Uttaran on Colors

Ichchya is truly destiny’s child. Right from the time that she was adopted by the Thakur family as their de-facto ‘other’ daughter, she has been the source of tremendous jealousy and intrigue. Her once upon a best friend Tapasya and the evil Naani have made it their mission to make her life as miserable as humanly possible. Tapasya and Naani even plotted together and against her to ruin her perfect wedding. In all the drama that followed, Ichchya willingly gave up her position as Veer’s to-be-wife for her friend. She has always sought to find the good in Tapasya even when the latter has gone out of her way to belittle her.

Tapasya on the other hand has never ever really appreciated her one true friend. Even when this friend of hers (Ichchya) made the supreme sacrifice of giving up her love for this spoilt individual, she took it as an act of servitude. For Tapasya, Ichchya, the servant’s daughter has only one role to fulfil, that of bowing to her every demand. She even mocked and taunted her (reluctant) husband that while she Tapasya, had the dare to forcefully make him hers; Veer and Ichcya caught in the trap of being “good” people had failed to fight for their love. Such is the audacity of wealth and position.

Tired and maybe to a certain extent bored of her drab marital existence, Tapasya has crossed all limits of decency. She has ensnared an ex-lover and has enlisted his support to do away with Ichchya for good. Painting herself as the wronged person, she has convinced Sid (ex-lover) that once her friend is out of the way, she will be free of her marital ties and will divorce Veer to marry him. Goaded and tempted by the temptress, Sid kidnapped Ichchya while she was on her way home. As luck would have it, Veer happened to be at the same spot and saw the entire thing happening with his own eyes. Sid took Ichchya to a deserted forest area with Veer following closely behind. Veer is able to catch Sid but in the scuffle that follows, Ichchya is shot.

Luckily, Veer rushes Ichchya to a nearby hospital and she is operated upon. However this turn of events does not make Tapasya at all happy. Not only is her bete noire not dead but also has been saved by her beloved husband. Her ex-lover had been apprehended and now she stands the chance of being exposed for being the scheming manipulator that she really is. Whether Tapasya is exposed and punished for all her wrong doings is what remains to be seen.

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