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Friday, January 22, 2010

To err there is Tapasya, to forgive there is Ichchya? - Uttaran on Colors

As Ichchya lay on the hospital bed fighting a battle with death, Tapasya stood on the sideline, not praying for her recovery but praying to the Gods to spare her punishment. While her father hovered around his beloved adopted child, refusing to give up his tireless vigil, she prayed fervently for her friend’s death. However destiny decided to be fair and granted Ichchya the right to live. While all those around her are celebrating this miracle, Tapasya is in a fix. Her ex-lover, Sid, whom she had convinced to pull the trigger on Ichchya has been apprehended. Her father Thakur Sahab is determined to get the truth out of him as are the authorities. It is only a matter of time before Sid spills the bean on her and diabolical plan.

Caught between the fire and the frying pan (if Ichchya lives her husband will slip away from her, if she dies it could mean prison) Tapasya is praying hard and fast to the Gods to spare her this one last mistake. Like a petulant child she promises never to repeat the mistake again. She is so caught up in her own selfish world that she is unable to see the evil enormity of her own actions. Tapasya’ repentance is as shallow as that of a child caught cheating during exams. She is totally self absorbed and will stoop to any level to gain sympathy. Her father sees her standing in front of an Idol with folded hands and tears in her eyes. He misunderstands her actions and believes that she is praying to God to spare her friend’s life. When in reality she had been praying so as to protect her own skin. He thaws his hard attitude towards her and speaks kind words to her after many days.

Ichchya’s life or death is of little importance to her. In fact she wants Ichchya’s living or dying to suit her needs. If it harms her, she gets to live; if it helps her she gets to die. Either way, Tapasya has to benefit. Such stupendous levels of selfishness and cruelty leaves the viewers astounded. But like the popular saying goes ‘ To err is human but to forgive divine’ and Ichhya is definitely a better person so we can expect her to be the better person and forgive her best friend this fatal attempt on her life.

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