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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The plot thickens in Swarg as it is Team Shubh v/s Team Arjun-Lolita now !

A lot has been happening in the lives of all the characters of Maat Pitah Ke Charno Mein- Swarg, First we get to know that Suhani, wife to Shubh is not really dead. She is being held hostage by Madhukar who intends to use her as a trump card against Arjun and Lolita. Ansh, who till recently was unaware of Shubh’s ‘staged’ death comes face-to-face with Shubh, the news of whose death had left him heartbroken. Shubh confides in Ansh about his plans of punishing Arjun and Lolita and all that he had been doing to convince the duo that they were seeing his ghost.

The brothers along with Gayatri decide to trap Lolita. Shubh is able to procure photographs of Lolita that were clicked while she was a struggling model. The snaps help to bring to the fore Lolita’s true character-that of a manipulative woman who does not shy away from using her body and sexuality to move ahead in life. Shubh and Ansh decide to leave the same photographs in the family living room so that it would catch the attention of one and all. However this plan of theirs fails as their uncle (Mamaji) chances upon the photographs before anyone else and returns them to Arjun.

Arjun and Lolita are not without their problems too. On the one hand they believe that they are being haunted by the ghost of Shubh. On the other hand Madhukar is threatening to expose their evil deeds if he is not given the money demanded by him. However destiny smiles upon Arjun once again as he accidentally stumbles upon the fact that Shubh is alive and is only faking his death to carry out his revenge against them. Then the husband and wife duo put their heads together and scheme out a plan that will help them to-a) get their hands on the family wealth; b) pay off Madhukar; c) torture Shubh some more. They rope in Madhukar in this diabolical plan.

Madhukar then calls up Shubh and tells him that he has not finished off Suhani but has been instead keeping her sedated and under his surveillance. He now wants money to the tune of Rupees Five Crores to set her free. Shubh is in a quandary as he does not have access to that kind of money. The news of Suhani being alive makes him elated but on the other hand he is worried that his cover has been shot. Ansh tries to help his brother in securing the ransom by demanding his share of the family wealth. The tide has once again turned against Shubh as Arjun now has the upper hand and is going to play the former like a puppet. Whether Ansh and Shubh are able to save Suhani; whether Shubh and Suhani are reunited and the guilty are punished, only the future episodes will provide answers to all these questions.

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