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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dharam Veer Singh finally shows his true ‘colors’ - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo

As Amma-ji was felled by the sole bullet from the assassin’s gun, many viewers were waiting for a dramatic comeback of this very powerful, larger-than-life lady. We were willing her to fight back the evil designs of fate and walk out of that surgery room, full guns blazing. But Alas! That didn’t happen. She too turned out to be mortal, succumbing to her injury and to all the plotting that had been going on behind her back. As the track stands today, Ammaji is officially dead. For those amongst the audience who were not willing to believe this inevitable, the makers of the show repeatedly made her sons lift off the cover of her shroud, as if to confirm to us the viewers “see she is really really dead”.

So what now? We were not left pondering over this pertinent question for long as the very hands that robbed Ammaji of her life, her own brother-in-law Dharam Veer Sangwan, staked his claim to the vacant throne. Emerging out of his dead sister-in-law’s shadow, he is now free to show off his evil side without any fear. His first move was to sack all old and faithful to Ammaji guards and servants. But he did it smartly, saying that how could he entrust the old guards to protect his remaining family members when they had been unable to save Ammaji. One really cannot argue with this faultless line of reasoning. In one single stroke he has rendered his nephews, powerless.

Secure in the knowledge that his most potent threats, Ammaji’s loyal sons and his own off spring have been made vulnerable and weak, he has now organised a gala affair for his official crowning as the “Maai-Baap” (King) of Dharampur. To this event he has invited his most trusted ally, a man as crooked as he is, District Magistrate Vora(a sworn enemy of Ammaji). Such is his debasement that he offers the women of his family as payment (in kind) to the said District Magistrate. As Raghav, Ammaji’s youngest and most loyal son, plunges at him at this outrageous ask, he turns around and asks a pertinent question, “Didn’t your own mother do the same while she was alive? Did you stop her then? If not why are you stopping me now?” Of course, Raghav had no answer to this as he had stood a mute spectator as Ammaji had offered Jhumar to the said D.M. a few months back. True to his nature, the D.M. picked Jhumar as the men of the family imprisoned in the hands of strong bodyguards fumed and the women whimpered. But is Ammaji really dead or will she like the proverbial phoenix rise up from her ashes-that is what remains to be seen.

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