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Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Suryakamal Preeti’s Mr. Right? - Do Hanso Ka Joda on NDTV Imagine

Do opposites really attract or is it a myth that has been propagated by society so as to keep diverse personalities together? In the natural world, we all know that like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other. But is it fair to assume the same of human emotions? NDTV Imagine’s Do Hanso Ja Joda is attempting to answer this very pertinent question. Preeti (Shubhangi Atre) is a girl full of dreams. Pampered and loved by one and all in her family, she has grown up nurturing dreams of her perfect man. In her dreams her “Mr.Right” is a combination of all the leading heroes of Hindi cinema, be it Shahid Kapoor, Ranbeer Kapoor or Salman Khan. However her dreams come crashing down upon her when her mother chooses Suryakamal (Shaleen Bhanot) as her future son-in-law.

Suryakamal is a very ordinary middle class boy whose feet are firmly planted on terra firma. He is the caring son to his scheming step mother and the protective brother to his step siblings. He is dutiful, sincere and soft spoken. Such a man is a far cry from the kind of man Preeti would have liked to marry. She would gladly settle for Rishi (Ali Merchant) who is dashing, free spirited and carefree. However Preeti’s mother selects Suryakamal as her future son-in-law. Upon being questioned by her husband as to why she picked Suryakamal over Rishi, she said that it was Suryakamal’s simplicity that won her over. She is aware that her daughter and Suryakamal are as different as chalk and cheese but she firmly believes that the two will be happy together. She tells her husband that were Preeti and Rishi to marry, their union would fall apart at the slightest test, given that both of them are so flighty.

Preeti however is heartbroken over her mother’s choice. In Suryakamal she sees a person who epitomises everything that she did not want her husband to be. His ordinary looks, his down to earth demeanour, his apparent lack of charm, all of it puts a dampener on her spirits. Her aunt gleeful about the fact that an eligible bachelor has been turned down by Snehalata, tries to fix up a match between her daughter (Sumi, Preeti’s first cousin) and Rishi. Sumi is unlike her Preeti and is a practical and level headed girl. Her cousin’s downcast face troubles her a lot and she tries to find a solution to the problem. Are Suryakamal and Preeti and Rishi and Sumi polar opposites? Whether the ‘twain’ can meet and build a happy and productive life together; whether Snehlata is right in her assessment, remains to be seen.

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