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Monday, January 25, 2010

Armaan and Riddhima - A love story that will endure the test of time?

What is it with love stories? And what is it with certain television couples? No matter what the passage of time, they remain embedded in public memory, refusing to make place for other ones. The same holds true for Star One’s Dil Mil Gaye and its super successful love track shown between the lead pair of Dr. Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover). The makers and team of Dil Mil Gaye could not have anticipated the kind of tremendous response generated by the love story between Riddhima and Armaan. Despite the fact that the actor playing Riddhima saw three changes, she along with Armaan remained a darling of the masses.

At the height of their popularity, the characters were written away from the serial. And then began the patient wait of all Dil Mil Gaye lovers that one day their favourite stars would return. In the interim period a whole new bunch of characters and faces were introduced. But despite their vain attempts, Dil Mil Gaye still remained Armaan and Riddhima’s. Giving in to popular sentiments, Riddhima’s character was brought back. And it was expected that soon Armaan would follow suit. However the team decided to try something new. They decided to replace the old love story with a new one.

Thus Riddhima and Sidhant (Karan Wahi) were expected to be the new love birds, who with their constant bickering, intense dislike for each and underlying chemistry would set the small screen on fire. But alas, in the television industry, it is the writers who propose and viewers who get to dispose-ideas, content, actors, serials. Thus the Riddhima and Sid love story failed to strike a chord with the audience and now the inevitable is almost set to happen.

After four months of waiting, viewers might get to see their favourite couple (Armaan and Riddhima) back in action. Riddhima who so far has believed that she has been abandoned by Armaan will get to learn the truth. She will find out that it was her father who had lied to her that Armaan had walked out of her life when she was lying unconscious after the bullet injury. She will learn that it was due to her father’s arm twisting that Armaan had to walk of out her life. Finding the truth will enable and empower her to stand against her father (Dr. Shashank) and go in search of her true love-Dr. Armaan. It is the magic created by these two characters (and of course the respective actors) that has forced the creative hand to bring them back from anonymity to their rightful place-that of the television screen.

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