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Friday, January 29, 2010

Manav and Archana-The magic of indefinable chemistry

How do you define chemistry? And by that I do not mean the kind taught in school text books. Chemistry is that indefinable, intangible quality that creates magic between two individuals. Pavitra Rishta’s Manav and Archana have chemistry-oodles and oodles of it. In fact such is their pull that they are today undeniably one of the most successful on-screen pairs of Hindi serials. Their love story is so different from what one normally gets to see on television. It is real, down-to-earth, to a certain extent unspoken and endowed with a certain magical charm.

Things have not been too good for the couple for the last few months. In fact things have turned so bad that they even wanted to snap off all ties. Matters were heading for a divorce much to the disappointment of a lot of loyal “Manav-Archana” fans. However at the last moment Archana changed her mind and as a result the judge has ordered them to live together for three months and give their marriage a second chance. He has ordered Archana and Manav to live together as husband and wife much to the dismay of Manav’s mother.

Manav’s step-mom dislikes Archana and wants her out of his life. The divorce was meant to serve two purposes-to make Archana miserable and to free Manav so that he could marry his deceased younger brother’s pregnant wife, Shravani. The judge’s decision put a spanner in her plans and she is hell bent on securing Manav and Shravani’s relation. Archana too is willing to fight for her marriage and in spite of all the insults being hurled at her by her mother-in-law; she refuses to abandon her marital home and her husband. Manav feigns dislike and anger but his heart only beats for his wife whom he loves with all his soul. Goaded by his mother he tries to side with Shravani but is unable to do so whole heartedly. As the two lovers pine for each other, the audience wildly root for their union. What more could the makers of the show ask for?

The state of flux between this wonderful pair has been going on for some time and the show makers need to remember that drawing out a sequence for too long can spoil all its charm. Audiences are eager for a solution to this problem and it is high time they are given one.

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