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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laali exposes Rannvijay - Agle Janam .. (Zee TV)

Finally serial makers and writers have woken up to the fact that drawing out suspenseful story tracks does not help to garner high TRPs. Instead it makes the viewers lose patience and finally interest. How long is the audience expected to watch the good being defeated by the bad repeatedly? Introducing a problem and then producing a quick fire solution to it is in fact a better option. Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo is one serial that seems to believe in this modern tool of story telling.

Last week saw them creating trouble for the main lead, Laali. She had just been given her rightful position as her beloved husband’s wife, when all hell broke lose. Her elder brother-in-law, Rannvijay (who has never been a part of the ‘Laali fan club’), decided to make her life miserable. In the midst of a family function (pooja), a very drunk Rannvijay announced to the world that he and Laali had shared the conjugal bed. He also claimed that the baby now safely ensconced in Laali’s womb was his. He had been threatening, cajoling, pleading with Laali to come out with the truth for quite some episodes. He did the honours himself, finding Laali uncooperative and uncommunicative, but not before getting beaten black and blue by Shekhar.

But Kudoos to Laali and the powers that be of the Serial. They did not let her wallow in self-pity nor did they let her shed copious tears. Laali acted. She decided that the best way to go about things was to set the record straight and that too, straight from the horse’s mouth. So she carefully went about plotting and planning Rannvijay’s downfall. She befriends the Pundit who on her insistence tells everyone that Laali is pregnant with a boy child. At the same time he also raised the pertinent point that Rannvijay is incapable of fathering a male baby. Some high voltage drama follows and then Rannvijay finally blurts out the truth of having concocted the whole story.

Rannvijay reveales how he had tricked Shekhar into drinking Bhaang and after the latter had passed out, he had moved him out of the room. Then he had silently slipped into bed by Laali’s side and faked the entire story. With the truth coming out, Laali’s name is cleared and her honour restored. This quick resolution of the problem and that too by a proactive female lead is the new bold face of primetime Hindi television. The audience can only hope that this trend is able to break new grounds in story telling for other serials as well.

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