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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sadhana’s Dilema - Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai

In life we all have had to stand at cross roads where it has been a toss up between our emotions and our principles. Indeed the biggest struggle is that which takes place inside your own self. Which road to follow-to stand by what you believe in or to believe in the person who stands by you, has to be one of the toughest decisions to make. Sadhna ( Bidaai) had to stand at such a cross road some time back. It was a toss up between staying true to her own principles and values or protecting the ones she loved more than her life. At the end she decided to stay true to herself and to take the side of truth. However this choice of hers put her brother-in-law, Ranveer, to prison.

With Ranveer in prison, her close relations turned against her, holding her responsible for the formers plight. Be it her indomitable mother-in-law Vasundhara or her loving husband Alekh who loved her dearly; everyone is upset at her choice. Her cousin sister and Ranveer’s wife Ragini too feels upset over her choice. She miscarries and this adds to her growing resentment against Sadhna whom she had loved and protected against a lot of heartache. Sadhna is asked to leave her in-laws house and she moves back in with her maternal uncle and his family. In her Mama’s (Uncle) family too no one except her uncle is willing to understand her or appreciate her choice.

Ranveer however is released from prison and he comes home much to the joy of all his loved ones. Strangely enough it is Ranveer who is outraged by the actions of his family members. Despite being the person who had to suffer the most the consequence of Sadhna’s actions, he is the one who is able to appreciate Sadhna’s dilemma. On the one hand it is taught to us from childhood to remain truthful no matter what the repercussions are; on the other hand those who take the side of truth are always shown to pay a heavy price. Sadhna has had to pay a heavy price for holding on to her notion of right and wrong. She has lost her home, her family and her love. Whether time and destiny is able to restore all that is lost to her and reward her for her fortitude remains to be seen. Surely such an exemplary act of courage needs to be lauded and appreciated by one and all.

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