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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pavitra Rishta - the truth finally comes out

On Pavitra Rishta, the misunderstanding between Archana and Manav kept on increasing. Archana believed (on the basis of a set of circumstances created by Ajit) that Manav was responsible for a lot of the things that had gone wrong in her life; and then Manav's father finally managed to get evidence from Ajit that he was responsible for everything. However, before they could resolve their matters and get Archana to listen to this evidence, Manjusha filed a false complaint before the police that Manan's family used to torture Archana, and the police arrested them all and beat them in prison.
Because of this arrest, Sachin's plan of going to the US got canceled since his visa got rejected. He was very upset because of all this, and due to this, he got into an accident and lost his life. This very badly shook up the entire family, and they all blamed Archana for this, and Archana was not able to even protest much about Manjusha's false complaint. In the meantime, it was revealed that Saanvi, Sachin's fiancee was pregnant with Sachin's child, and was determined to have the baby. Manav did the right thing by offering to marry her so that she could have the baby, given that his divorce to Archana was due.
However, finally the taped evidence about Ajit's guilt was heard by Archana's family, and they all realized that Manav was innocent, and Ajit was guilty, and are no longer able to believe Manjusha when she kept on stating that her brother was innocent. In the meantime, the relation between Sathish and Varsha was slowly starting to grow.

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