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Monday, January 25, 2010

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo - Wife becomes the ‘other’ woman

The moral dilemma and ambiguity that the lead characters of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo are facing raises very interesting thoughts to ponder over. The role of the other woman in society has always been debated upon. Scorned as the vile home wrecker who lures away a ‘good’ husband from an equally ‘good’ wife using her wanton sexuality, she is forever doomed to suffer miserable consequences for her action. But the man who is equally at fault for having strayed is let off cheaply if he returns to his wife/ girl friend/lover. That is his act of redemption (or is it punishment?).

In Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo, the situation is reversed. It is the wife Sidheshwari, who is now the other woman in her husband Shekhar and his second wife Laali’s life. Shekhar who was earlier averse to Laali has now cemented her place in his life by marrying her and moving in with her in a separate living area. Sidheshwari has now become the other entity. Her role, status and position are ambiguous and fluid. She is rejected by none and yet not accepted by the one person who is most important to her life-her husband, Shekhar. Left with very little options, she has to now resort to guile and deceit to win back her rightful place.

In collusion with her devious brother-in-law, Rannvijay and the evil servant girl, Gangiya, she is hatching plots to get back her husband. She puts up a charade and pretends that she has accepted her fate, one of a hired help who would have to do all the household cleaning and cooking. When her in-laws asked her the reason for behaving in such a peculiar manner, she cried and lamented. And her schemes have started to work. Laali who was a witness to all the drama felt bad for her and assured her that she would do everything in her power to make sure that Shekhar would spend time with Sidheshwari.

Laali returns to her little abode and convinces a reluctant Shekhar to go and visit Sidheshwari reminding him that the latter’s well being and happiness was still his responsibility. Shekhar does so and stumbles upon Sidheshwari and Gangiya plotting against Laali. This leaves him disgusted. The trio of Sidheshwari-Gangiya-Rannvijay are desperately conjuring up new schemes to drive Laali and Shekhar apart; each has its own selfish motive to fulfil. However it is indeed sad that Sidheshwari who is Shekhar’s first wife has to indulge in such Machiavellian tactics in order to win back her husband’s love. The fate that often befalls the ‘other’ woman has come upon her and she has indeed become the ‘third’ unwanted angle of this sorry triangle.

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