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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - More drama in the house as Rashi under pressure

Saathiya is a never ending quest of the problems caused by Rashi (orchestrated by her mother Urmila) in order for Rashi to gain an upper hand in the household, or for some other reason, and the problems that arise when such items are exposed. So, Rashi is already struggling with the issue about her son and the mother of the son, and hoping that she does not get exposed to the harsh words of Kokila, who knows about the problems caused by Urmila and Rashi, and who fears about what further problems these 2 people might do in the household.
This is a never ending problem, and the entire household can get affected sometimes, although most of the household is not fully aware of what all Rashi is upto (there was only once when Rashi was caught and was only taken back in the house after a lot of struggle and drama). In the current set of episodes, there are small cases that seek to strike Rashi (again most of them her own doing).
There is supposed to be a donation that the household is making to the goddess for Meera, and Rashi has been asked to donate her necklace; something that she has no option but to agree to, but she does not like making this donation. So Rashi and Urmila decide that they will donate a fake necklace, passing that off as the real thing when the real necklace will remain with Rashi. So, even though Rashi is worried about how this will happen, Urmila gets a fake necklace made, and gets into the Modi household through a ladder, gaining access to the window of Rashi's room and coming inside. And soon after, as you would suspect, Kokila also makes her way there, and even though Urmila has hid under the bed, she sees the door of the almirah open and the necklace outside, and when Rashi says that the locker door is not working, she takes the necklace.
At this, Urmila instructs Rashi to get the necklace back from Kokila's room, something that Rashi is able to do later by going into Kokila's room and then sending Kokila to get a cloth from outside.
However, at the next day, all this goes to waste since Gopi is in her room, and seeing the necklace and knowing that Rashi has agreed to give it to the goddess, Gopi picks up the original confusion. In the confusion, Rashi does not realize that this is the original necklace and is shocked when she sees the necklace getting donated. However, Urmila decides that she will get it back.
In another incident, Kokila has asked Rashi to make kheer for some guests, and when Rashi is making the kheer and grumbling about the work, she spills most of the milk and adds water to make up the difference. However, the guests notice that the kheer is not good and point it out; and then Rashi defends herself saying that the milkman is now giving watered milk. He defends himself, but is still dismissed by Kokila. The man strikes back by organizing a milk boycott of the Modi household, and they get a cow to get milk from. And guess what, the cow only lets Rashi come near her, which means the duty of getting milk from the cow now comes to Rashi.

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